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Friday, May 7, 2010

Abnegated Love

Did you know that I tried to wait?
Because I thought it was fate.
Funny how I think it was you
All of this years I was in blue

I wasted my life crying about craps
Didn’t realize my time has elapsed
My world is filled with emptiness
I became drunk with loneliness

Thank God, I was slapped in the face
Enough with this miserable days
It was hell what I’ve been through
My sanity is back, thanks to you

I lost my grip but now I’m happier
I should have done this earlier
Letting go isn’t bad as I thought
I’m looser for what I’ve fought

I’ve tried, cried and lied
But now my love for you has died
Slowly you are fading away
History is where you should stay.

*This poem was written years ago, I lost my notebook full of poems :c. Lucky I found this on my sent items in my email. =) Enjoy reading..comments will be so much appreciated :)

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