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Friday, December 31, 2010

DKNY Be delicious (apple green) perfume review

It's definitely Delicious!
I love perfumes because I feel good when I smell nice. This year my new scent is DKNY BE DELICIOUS (green apple) it was my mother’s Christmas present. Costs P2800. Cheaper than I expected because someone was selling me BE DELICIOUS RED for P4500. It has a light floral scent that makes you want to smell more. It is definitely alluring. In fact the first time I used it, people would tell that I really smell good and that it is better than my previous perfume (coco Chanel). My mother also bought the red one for herself but she didn’t like it as much as the apple green. It is very strong according to her and she decided to give it to her friend as Christmas present. I recommend this perfume to every young woman like myself. =)

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What If you are president for a day of the Philippines

When I was young, I love watching Little Lulu. Lulu is a cartoon character who wears a red dress and has curly hair. She’s funny but she’s just ordinary. Unfortunately, they don’t have little lulu in cartoon network anymore. One of my unforgettable episodes was when she was chosen to be the President of America for a day. But I don’t remember her doing anything remarkable. She shook hands with different people for the whole day. That’s all! If I were Lulu and I was given the chance to be the President of the Philippines for a day, I will do something that would initiate change and I would do any act that could affect us all forever. I will do anything to save us all from poverty, corruption etc. BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SOMETHING? The problem is, I only have a day and it’s hard to fix our country’s MAJOR MAJOR PROBLEMS for just a single day. It’s impossible. But wait, no one said I’m supposed to do all that. Being president means I will also have the powers and privileges granted to him by the constitution. So why the hell am I going to give myself a headache. I will not waste this day getting upset with all my people’s problem. And so I decided that I will just have fun use our taxes pull a house party at MalacaƱang and invite all my friends to go shopping. Just Kidding! I will never be corrupt just like our leaders today. I don’t want to be in the front page of the news papers associated with a a very bad news. It’s like telling the whole world that no one in this country can afford to be honest. For me, being granted this opportunity is a chance to make a better change for our country and People.

I will not sleep the entire day. I will be a very passionate leader. I will show the Filipino people my eagerness and my drive to maximize every millisecond given to me, so that I could make small changes that could affect our lives not only for a day but for the rest of our existence. I will communicate my actions to the Filipino people, I will explain to them why I’m doing this and that and I will encourage the cooperation of the whole country thru National Television, radios etc. First, I will sign the RH Bill and won’t give a damn about what others specially the Church will say about me. That’s the reason why this bill hasn’t become a law because past President cares so much about what the Church will say. It is not anti-life. Second, I will issue an EO ordering a nation wide clean up. Streets will be cleaned not a single dirt will be seen. Trash cans will be placed on every corner of the Street. Third, I will order a strict implementation of the Traffic Rules. I myself will make calls to some leaders all over the country and expect their report and documentation at the end of the day. Fourth, I will pay our Country’s Debt. Not only the interest, but also a big percentage of our debt. I will listen to the economist. This is the best time to pay our debts because a dollar rate is very low. My Remaining time will be spent on making a program, a recommendation to the president on how we could upgrade this country to a 1st world country. My program’s focus is on education, second is on livelihood programs then the promotion of Philippines tourist spots. I only got a day, but I guess I’ll make the difference by doing these things for my country. Small changes can lead to bigger ones. Our country needs the cooperation of every single Filipino. Do not blame the leaders alone.

Eh ikaw? Kung mabibigyan ka ng pagkakataon ng maging presidente ng pilipinas sa isang araw anong gagawin mo? I’d love to hear your ideas. Please leave your comments below. Happy New Year everyone! Let's initiate change for our country.Following simple traffic rules will make our country better =)

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