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Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy First

This is a poem I've written and gave Patrick on our first month. Hope You guys like it.. =)

Dear my Life, happy monthsary
Today, I ‘m so happy you are with me
I hope you are too, cause if you’re in blue
I will paint your day a colorful hue

Thank you for everything you did for me
You know that I’ll do anything for thee
I know you care, and now I feel like snared
But it’s ok because it feels so fair

You came and broke down the walls around me
Now nothing surrounds me and I am free
You keep me from my fears and wipe my tears
I want to be with you for thousand years

Baby, I’ve never felt like this before
And you know it feels so right Mi Amor
I know I’m naked and you can see through
I can’t hide, you made me trust. Yes it’s true

Hey! I want to be with you every night
I hope I am not squeezing you too tight
I promise that I’ll never let you go,
I’ll be all that you want just don’t let go

I am sorry that I screw up sometimes
I hope and know you understand my crimes
I’m not perfect but I’m happy like this
Promise, I won’t let you fall to pieces

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