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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cheater’s Delight

Have you ever cheated someone? I mean your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Everyone seem to have or otherwise been tempted to. Sometimes people even deny that they are cheating. Because for some weird reason their definition of cheating is not how the rest of the world defines it. For me cheating is lying to your partner telling her that he/she is your world and blah blah but isn’t because at the back of your mind there is another person whom you think is the universe. Cheating is even flirting that eventually evolves to more than that. Like going out secretly or dating others while currently being in a relationship. Cheating is cheating no matter how you describe it, it is still CHEATING.

But why do people cheat? Sometimes I get even surprise to learn that a person whom I never thought in my entire life that he would ever dare to cheat his partner is actually going crazy over another person. I think cheating happens on a case to case basis. For instance my brother who has cheated his girlfriend for a gazillion times tells me and my mother that he really loves her and for him he isn’t cheating. He is just trying to be friends with them. You see, I don’t get that! Because the next thing you know he is kissing or f*cking these suppose to be friends. Some people cheat because they fell in love with another person and couldn’t get rid of their present partners. While some, just love the fact that they are cheating their partners they can’t stick to one person and that’s their problem.

I was a victim of this crime too for many times with different partners but I’ve been guilty of cheating when I was young. I love my partner so much then, but I like his friend who in return likes me too. Then I got screwed. We broke up and that thought me a lesson because that’s the first time I experienced pain because of love. Oh well, I’ve moved on, I learned my lesson. And that was the last time I cheated.

I think cheating boils down to one proximate cause---IT GIVES THE PERSON 1000% EGO BOOST. Like Sandra Bullock and her ex-husband. She seemed perfect for me, but the other girl made him feel HOT! HOT! HOT! That’s why he cheated. Love always needs to be ignited with sparks. Keep the fires burning or your partner might look for that fire in another person’s arms. Fall in love many times with that person, take care of him/her so they’ll desist from the temptation of cheating. And for those who just love to do it, leave them. You don’t deserve them. Someone else in this world is looking for a person who wouldn’t dare to commit that crime that might be YOU.