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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movement to Kick Out Willie Revillame from ABS-CBN

I recently joined a group in Facebook which is about a movement to make Willie Revillame resign from ABS-CBN. I was delighted when I saw this group.Well I'm not a big fan of any of their competitors. In fact, My family and I are always watching Kapamilya Shows. We don't even switch our channel to their known competitor. I love Kapamilya Shows and Artists.

But I guess, Willie Revillame is an exception. I'm glad I don't see him on TV for days now. Of course everyone knows about the latest unacceptable behavior he showed on National Television last. He dared his boss to fire Jobert Sucaldito for critizing him. What a childish brat!!! Isn't he?

God has given him so much blessings. He was given so many chances to make things right after how many times he had failed in his Showbiz Career. The problem with him is that everything gets to his head. He is bloating with boastfulness. He can't handle it. I think it will be taken away.

I'm not being bias, neither I, don't favor Jobert for his criticisms, besides he gets paid tocriticize. But the thing is Willie became too obnoxious and irascible. he's old, but he is very immature. He must accept these criticisms because he is a public figure. If an ordinary person gets criticize, what more do you expect from a guy like him? Because of money and fame, he steps on the little people and try to hold their lives. I remember when he told a story about Mrs. Charo, he said that she is such a good woman because when Willie ask her to fire someone when he was so mad. Mrs. Charo, rebutted him calmly "You want us to fire him?, what about his family?, his children, how is he going to raise them if he doesn't have a job." She bugs Willie's conscience until he realized that he was wrong. So this isn't the first time he dared his boss to fire someone. He crossed the line this time. So I want him out of the show! He's not even funny! Pokwang is!

I don't want him back on the show. If you don't too, join this signature drive to make Willie Revillame resign. There is also a poll on a Kapamilya Site about Willie Revillame's behavior follow this link to vote. 96% said they didn't like what he did. =)

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