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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mum's Day

Today, we are all celebrating mother's day. I've decided to write this blog just when I'm about to go to bed It's 2 am I have about an hour to write this. I want her to read when she wakes up.

Dear Ma,

Happy Mother's Day! I don't know If I ever made you feel how much I love you. I guess among your children, I am the one who has a stone heart. Gab and Thea are more affectionate than me. First, I want to thank you for everything.Thank you for bearing me even if you were only 20 when you got pregnant. I'm lucky you are my mother, someone else might have aborted me. Thank you for reading bed time stories everyday when were just a child. I guess that's the reason why I became a bookworm. Thank you for making me attend ballet class, swimming lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, and many more countless things during summer. I guess that's the reason I'm multi-talented hehe! Thank You for making me read ang alamat ng pinya for like a hundred times just to make sure I learn reading with comprehension fast. Thank you for dressing me up so I wouldn't look like crap in school. Thank for racing and shaping us as someone who has breeding. And most of all,Thank you for bringing me to school everyday when I got paralyzed, I know you're not a morning person but instead of telling me to stop attending school for a while, you supported my madness and let me continue attending school even if I had a difficulty in everything. Thank you for being with me in the hospital and bear everything including seeing me half-dead. Thank you for listening to me when I told you how much it hurts when he broke my heart. Thank you for bringing us to Hong Kong, Boracay and wherever our next destination is, We had the best time of our lives because of you Thank you for being proud of me, I know you do.hehe No kidding, You are one of the reasons why I pursued Law school. You made me feel that you believe in me, that I can and I will survive. I'm sorry for being a whiner. I'm sorry if I answer back when I'm not in the good mood. I'm just as irascible as you. hehe Sorry for screwing up. Sorry for the things I did that make you hurt. I love you Ma. Happy Mother's Day

Love, Gayle

***This is written in english because I want to let the whole world know about my mom's greatness. This letter is also for my Grandmas. I love you lola Sally. I miss you everyday, I wish I could visit you there some time. I want to spend so much time with you. We have miss so many things in life because you are too far away. Lola Tarcing, I love you too. Pls take care of yourself. A while a go I was staring at you, I was observing you. You are so fragile. You look so sick and weak. It hurts me to see you like that. I really wish you'd regain strength.I silently prayed, God I love her. I want her to be present in my wedding Day and when I bear my child. I'm sorry If I don't visit you often. From now on I will. To my aunts, girlfriend who are already moms and to all mothers.Happy Mother's Day! You deserve to feel loved and honored for everything you have sacrificed for your children. Someday I dream of being one because it is the only thing that will fulfill my womanhood.

**By the way my mother's name is Wilma C. Martinez, check her out and see the woman who I'm talking about.

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