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Friday, May 14, 2010

100 Reasons Why I love him

This is a valentine/monthsary gift I made for my boyfriend. I love him so much and I like the world to know how much I love him :)

100 reasons why I love you

1. God sent you to me when I prayed for you.

2. When you said that you will be the sweetest guy I met, you have proven me many times that you are, more than you can count.

3. The first time we snog, you have unbelievably beat the feeling of my “first kiss”

4. I love it so much when you become so cheesy

5. You’re more humorous than me.

6. You dazzle me with your smile

7. You treat me exactly how I want to be treated by a man

8. You made me trust you so much.

9. You made me believe that there is still a man alive in this world that could be faithful.

10. Even if you pissed me sometimes, I can’t help swallow my pride and run to you and hug you tight and ask for forgiveness.

11. I love it when you’re jealous

12. Because of you, I believed in “forever” again.

13. With you I can be “me”—without pretentions.

14. You are not hard to please.

15. It’s not hard to love you, I love every single thing about you

16. I’m not perfect but I know that you love me.

17. Your advices are very helpful in every way.

18. Even if we just started dating, you already won my friends and family’s heart.

19. You know whatever I want and whatever I need.

20. Like the all the men in this world, you are not an egoist just like the billion others.

21. I would never give up our blissful “1 year” for a 5-year disaster.

22. You actually know where my funny bone is.

23. You make me feel proud to be your girl.

24. I love it when you say that you’re proud of me.

25. With you I don’t need to be perfectly beautiful just to please you.

26. I’m not a goddess of beauty but you make me feel like one.

27. You’re “goodness” is innate.

28. Hearing your name makes me smile.

29. The sound of your voice is music to my ears

30. I was broken when you met me, but you have incredibly banished the pain that I’m feeling.

31. You make me feel like I’m Isabella Swan and you are my own Edward Cullen.

32. Someday I want to see you go down on one knee and ask me the question that every girl would die to hear and answer.

33. With you, I am willing to give up everything.

34. The bond forged between us, was not one that could be broken by time, distance or even anyone.

35. You are Loleng my Labs

36. When you’re gone, I would not be able to live through that

37. And when I’m gone, I know that you would not able to live through that too.

38. You are my lover and best friend at the same time.

39. Even when we’re apart, the thought of you makes me smile.

40. When you call me “puset”, it’s weird by I honestly like it.

41. You’re definitely intelligent.

42. You’re family are very amiable. And I love them as much as I love you.

43. Sometimes I think that I’m not even worth the love you’re giving me, but you never stopped loving me.

44. You have built my world better than before

45. I melt, whenever you hug me

46. Your touch is special.

47. I know that thousand other girls are very jealous because I’ve got you.

48. You’re eyes are beautiful.

49. You are my rising sun.

50. You appreciate me in every way.

51. You never took me for granted.

52. I love it when you tell the world that you’re mine and I belong to you.

53. You treat me like I’m a princess.

54. You’re so much braver than I gave you credit for.

55. You’re love is thick and it swallowed me whole.

56. You are the bearer of unconditional things.

57. You held your breath and the door for me. This means you’re the most gentle man I’ve ever met.

58. I’ve never felt this happy before.

59. You made me trust you even if you were just a complete stranger before.

60. Everything fell into place when you stepped in my life.

61. When you leave and go home, I miss you immediately.

62. You’re my starfish.

63. All the pain and tears I cried, still you never said goodbye, and now I know, how far you go.

64. You keep me from falling apart.

65. You’re the one thing I got right.

66. I can never ever leave without you.

67. You are my life now.

68. You broke down the wall that surrounds me.

69. You see right through me, and I can’t hide whatever from you.

70.Never had someone like you.

71. I’m willing to do anything for you.

72. I know that someday we’ll make it through

73. You’re so good to me.

74. I want to stay with you forever.

75. I’ll do my best to make all the pain you’re feeling go away

76. I know how much you love your family and it portrays how much you’re going to love your own family.

77. Right now, you’re the focal point of my world.

78. No one else in this world would ever have one tenth or even one hundredth of the love you hold for me. Yes, even my exes.

79. I understand what you’ve been through, and I am willing to exert effort to wipe your tears away.

80.I am overwhelmed with the warmth of love you made me feel.

81. You taught me how to love not only you, but also myself.

82. I am willing to walk a thousand miles just to see you.

83. You brought luck in my life

84. Sometimes you are easy to read, you’re thoughts are like printed on your forehead.

85. I love it when you massage my body whenever I ask you to do it for me.

86. No guy has ever done what you did when you took care of me when I was sick.

87. You’re a part of my dreams

88. You’re not just an option, never just a choice and forever and will always be the one.

89. You’re my happiness

90. I love it when you fix my hair or fix the powder on my face.

91. I love it when you sing and dance for me.

92. I love it when you tell me that I’m part of your dreams

93. You have taken away my bitterness.

94. I love the way it feels like when you’re telling me that I’m the only one who blows your mind.

95. It seems like the whole world stops to listen when you tell me you’re in love.

96. Never in my whole life, I heard words as beautiful as the words you utter to me.

97. Sometimes I even try to be perfect for you, because you are worth it.

98. I want to be with you every day and every night for the rest of our lives.

99. There’s nothing I could say to you, nothing I could ever do, to make you see, what you mean to me.

100. This may be the last, but it doesn’t mean I ran out of reasons to love you. I have given you hundred reasons but actually I can give you an endless list why I love you. Honestly, I don’t know why. It is actually absurd to find out why coz it’s impossible. I love you longer than long has been, I love you more than more can be, I love you ten times infinity.


Krizzy Gayle “Gaghay Puset” Martinez-Lacsamana


  1. i really like it ,it makes me feel inspire ,through the lines i have read i realize that i'm exactly in love w/ someone else!!
    and thanks 4 making me realize!!!

  2. this so sweet . really like it!