a dollar sign is the cheesiest

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Here It comes I can smell it, I felt my heart lit
Coldness on my feet, and I know this would be it
Dark clouds are setting in, it’s about to pour in
It’s going to win over the sunlight you’re wishin’

Staring out of the window, watching the wind blow
I know this would take for hours, so just say hello
I can see the trees sway, I love the way they play
Children make it go away, I want it to stay

The sound is like music, I love to hear the flick
Let us sing and dance with its music, stand up quick!
Rain drops falling on our head, enough of teardrops
Laugh till you drop, and you’ll never feel that life flops

I love the rain, ‘cause it washes away my pain
Don’t be in vain; you’ll love the romance of the rain
I think they’re god’s tears; he’s washing away my fears
And why hate it my dear? It won’t cause you a sear


  1. i love this poem its heart touching & i think u have to write some love songs too

  2. Thank you! :) But I don't know how to put rhymes to lyrics :p

  3. Love the washing away pain and relating it to gods tears..lovely.